Cyberpunk prop design for Virtual Reality – V2

Click here to see the first version.

After spending some time testing with 3d scanning the last version, and also having learnt from the whole process, the original was way too messy to work in a 3D scene and be scanned accurately, as perfectly cyberpunk as it looked – Mainly down to the helmet being black and too dark in low light situations,with too many dark areas/shadows it’s just not enough data for the scan to work properly. Also, aesthetically it’s a little too messy and incoherent as a design in general, so I wanted to refine it visually,

Before spraypainting the helmet white I drilled a 10CM hole for the wires that will connect to the device the main character builds, I also needed to properly set and glue the LED’S in place
Helmet 4 pics

I then re-applied and glued the circular boards


The next step was attaching the wires into the hole I’d drilled earlier – This was a huge ball-ache, as such a large amount of wiring bunched together is pretty heavy, but I managed eventually by drilling individual holes for the wires and stuffing them in as far as possible, and then gluing them.



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